[SCL] Bitcoin Hashrate Dips (Miner Capitulation)

Gives long-term buy signals for Bitcoin from dips and recoveries in the hashrate (the "miner capitulation" theory). It has an overlay and a standalone mode and is fully configurable. It uses Williams Lows and ATR instead of moving averages.

Features that might be interesting for Pinescripters:
+ Automatic (as far as is possible currently) adjustment of plots for overlay and standalone display modes.
+ A neat label function for debugging floats
+ Fully commented
+ The debug that I used to overcome problems in developing it is left in
+ Ideas for how to deal with a wildly oscillating and exponentially increasing data source

You need to run this indicator on the Bitcoin daily chart for it to make any sense. The best is a BTC /USD chart with a long history, such as BNC:BLX.

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