CC - PVT Clouds

Releasing this test script for PVT ratios using sub-interval harmonics at a 1D, 4H, 1H, 45M, 15M and 5M level.

It basically takes the PVT values for a rolling periodic interval and gets the ( avg - min)/max for that interval (the ratio).
Then it colors it based on the subinterval next to it. Just think of it as rolling Ichimoku clouds , but in real-time using PVT.

I'm not saying much more than that, as this is an experimental indicator. Feel free to use it and give me feedback.
Drop a like if this helps you trade, but please do not use these indicators as a DIVINING ROD for your trades.
However, I will possibly release a paid version with TEXTUAL take profit/stoploss indicators.

No amount of technical indicators will safe you from a lapse in Due Diligence or Market/Industry Judgement.
I am not responsible for lost equity due to trades caused my relying on this indicator.