Rob Booker Reversal Tabs Strategy

Rob Booker Reversal Tabs Strategy is an updated version of Rob Bookers Reversal Tab study: Rob Booker Reversal Tabs

While the original is a Pinescript study, this version can be switched between strategy and indicator mode.
Rob Bookers script generates reversal signal based on MACD and Stochastics, it is not a true reversal system, default pyramiding value is set to 5.
Inputs determine MACD and Stochastics settings. The only additional input is the "Strategy Mode" checkbox.
This script works well on its own for some tickers, but like any reversal pattern generating scripts, traders will profit from looking at overall price action and trend strength before making a trade.

From the original:
A simple reversal pattern indicator that uses MACD and Stochastics.
Created by Rob Booker and programmed by Andrew Palladino.

Please note that I only updated the original to V5 and edited it to be a strategy, which was a grand total of 5 minutes of work. I updated it because I wanted to see how the script performs as a strategy and I'm publishing it in case others would like to use it. I take no credit whatsoever for the original and WILL take this version down if Rob Booker or his Team ask me to or decide to release their own strategy version of the original.
Check out Rob Bookers scripts and ideas on his Tradingview account: robbooker


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