Triple Moving Averages (Gradient, Alarm & Multi TF)

Triple Moving Averages
- 7 Different MA's (RMA, SMA, EMA, 'WMA', HMA, DEMA, EMA)
- Gradient coloring
- Multi timeframe
- Crossover alarm's and alarm delay function
- Forecasting (By removing the last bar in the MA period)

Moving Average to easely identify the trend and trend strength.

Gradient coloring and personal color preferences can be made.

Alert Delay System
When timing is essentially, this helps you get the alarm just in time.
Use it with the triggers ONLY ONCE PER BAR or ONLY ONCE. Then the alarm comes before the close, but you don't have to worry about it triggering just seconds after bar open :)
Default = 15m Recomended for 1h chart

Get the alarms before it's actually crossing or when it crosses

*This is not a selfmade indicator but simply merging from several indicators and added alert delay function and multi timeframe support

// Credits
- BigBitsIO Script : Scripting Tutorial 6 Triple Many Moving Averages Forecasting
- PineCoders Script : Color Gradient Framework PineCoders

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