Just a simple back test of various conditions
發布通知: Updated laddering conditions and wrote some logic to try and filter out sudden spikes in price.
Large sudden moves should be recognized now and the script should wait for more favorable conditions before continuing to ladder into a position.

- Price averaging with Coin laddering still not implemented. I keep putting it off. I could just use the built in strategy methods but since this is going to be a "study" it would just be broken at that point anyway.
- I wrote a decent trailing stop function but profits seem to drop due to riding positions longer, even if they sell 2 or 3 times higher because of less money on the table with 1 or 2 positions instead of 5, effectively becoming less efficient.
- I need to do some massive code clean up, but this is almost ready. It's already performing 2x better than last week and it's not really even looking for ideal entries yet, but rather it's "Avoiding less favorable entries".