Volume + Volatility

Before I begin I want to mention:
1. This is a variation of the 'CCI & BB' made by matsu_bitmex (Link: and SigmaDraconis's 'On Balance Volume Oscillator + Bollinger Bands' (Link:
2. While using this sometimes you may not notice the crossover so I've added the Line 'x' outside 'x' BB to only see if Line 3 and 4 crossed over

The indicator:
1. When the background is green and the 2 lines are going up it means uptrend
2. When the background is red and the 2 lines are going down it means downtrend
3. When there is a crossover and the background outside BB turns yellow, it means there is a lot of volatility or volume

How to use (Or how I use this):
1. All trades based on the yellow color MUST be during a trend
2. When the color changes to yellow for the 1st time in the direction of a trend it is advisable to enter

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