Educational: Fill

This script showcases the latest feature of colour fill between lines with gradient

There are 17 ema's, all with adjustable lengths.

In the settings there are 3 options: '1', '2', and '1 & 2':

  • Option '1'
    Here the highest - lowest lines are filled with a gradient colour,
    dependable where the 3rd highest/lowest ema is situated in regard of these 2 lines:

  • Option '2'
    Here the colour fill is applied between every ema and the one next to it.
    The gradient colour is dependable where the ema is situated in regard of the highest - lowest line:

  • Option '1 & 2'
    A combination of both options:

The setting 'switch colours at ema x' regulates the switch between bullish and bearish colours.
When close is above the chosen ema -> bullish colours, when below -> bearish colours.

Examples of other settings of 'switch colours at ema x':

Colour switch when close above/below:

  • ema 14
  • ema 11
  • ema 8
  • ema 5
  • ema 2

The colours can be set below, both for option '1' and '2'


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