Ceres Trader MTF Triple EMA with Smoothing

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The "Ceres Trader MTF EMA with Smoothing" indicator is a versatile tool designed for traders who rely on Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) for their technical analysis. This indicator uniquely blends the concept of EMAs with customizable smoothing techniques, enhancing the clarity and interpretability of moving average lines on your charts.


Triple EMA Visualization: Visualize three distinct EMAs on your chart, each customizable in terms of length, timeframe, and color. This triple-layer approach allows for a comprehensive view of price trends across different time periods.

User-defined EMA Lengths: Set the lengths of all three EMAs according to your trading strategy. The default length is set at 20 bars, but this can be easily adjusted to suit different trading styles and timeframes.

Flexible Timeframes: Each EMA can be plotted based on different timeframes, providing a multi-timeframe analysis within a single chart view.

Smoothing Techniques: Choose from five different smoothing methods (SMA, EMA, SMMA, WMA, VWMA) to refine the EMA lines. This feature reduces market “noise” and helps in identifying the true underlying trends.

Enhanced Smoothing for Longer Timeframes: The indicator applies an advanced double smoothing technique to the EMA of the longest timeframe, offering an even smoother line that is beneficial for long-term trend analysis.

Customizable Aesthetics: Personalize the appearance of each EMA line with a selection of colors, enhancing visual differentiation and readability.


Versatility: Suitable for various trading styles, including swing trading, day trading, and long-term trend following.

Clarity in Trend Analysis: The smoothing techniques help in filtering out market noise, making it easier to identify meaningful trends.

Multi-Timeframe Analysis: The ability to view EMAs from different timeframes simultaneously offers a comprehensive analysis, saving time and enhancing decision-making.

Ideal for: Traders looking for a customizable and insightful way to use EMAs in their market analysis. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, this indicator's flexibility and depth can add significant value to your technical analysis toolkit.
Updated to V5.
Reverted to last known working revision.
The code for the "Cerest Trader MTF Triple EMA with Smoothing" TradingView indicator was updated to ensure lower time frame moving averages are immediately visible, even when viewed on higher time frame charts. This was achieved by enabling the lookahead parameter in the request.security function calls used for calculating each of the Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs). Here's a summary of the changes:

Lookahead Parameter Enabled: For each EMA calculation (emaValue1, emaValue2, emaValue3), the barmerge.lookahead_on option was added to the request.security function. This allows the indicator to use future data in its current calculations, ensuring that lower time frame data is not delayed when displayed on higher time frames.

Impact on Indicator: These changes ensure that traders can immediately see the impact of lower time frame movements on their higher time frame charts, providing a more responsive and dynamic analysis tool. This can be particularly useful for strategies that rely on multi-time frame analysis and require up-to-date information from lower time frames.

No Alterations to Core Logic or Visuals: The core logic behind the calculation of EMAs and their smoothing remains unchanged. The update solely focuses on the data availability aspect, enhancing the indicator's utility without altering its fundamental analysis or visual representation.

This update enhances the functionality of the "Cerest Trader MTF Triple EMA with Smoothing" indicator by ensuring that it more effectively incorporates and displays lower time frame data on higher time frame charts, making it a more versatile tool for traders utilizing multi-time frame analysis strategies.

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