Binance Open Interest


A free and open source indicator that shows you open interest for Binance USDT and coin margin perpetual swap contracts, plotted as candlesticks .

Open interest means the total number of outstanding derivatives contracts, or in plain and simple English: the total amount of positions that traders have opened and still remain open.


I've included data for a variety of cryptocurrencies that are quite popular right now.
However, since it's open source you can of course add any coin you want.

It's important to know that coin margin contracts have their open interest denominated in USD.
So if, for example, the ETH/USD perp shows a value of 470 million, that means 470 mil USD.

Tether margin contracts on the other hand are denominated in the coin itself.
So if, for example, the SOL/USDT perp shows a value of 1 million, that means 1 mil SOL worth of open contracts.
This is how the exchange created and denominated the contracts and I kept it this way to keep the data clean.
You could multiply that 1 mil SOL by the SOL price and it would show you the total open interest in USD terms of course, but that would make the candles look a bit funky.

If you look at the code you can see that for the coin margin contracts I've multiplied BTC open interest by a 100 and for altcoins I multiplied it by 10.
This is because of the Binance contract specifications, they use a multiplier of a 100 for bitcoin and altcoins have a multiplier of 10.
If you google "Binance Trading Rules of coin-margined Contracts" you'll find this info.

Some coins only have a USDT margin perp and not a coin margin perp.
YFI for example doesn't have a coin margin perp, but it is included in the list.
So if you select YFI and choose "coin margin" the indicator won't show anything.
The indicator still works, just select a different contract and you'll see open interest data appear again.


It's free so just favourite it and you'll be able to add it to your chart and use it.
And it's also open source so you could just copy the code and make your own version of it.

One simple change: there used to be a drop down menu to select a coin, now you just type the ticker of the coin you want.

By default it says "BTC" in the settings, but you can just type "SOL" for example and then it'll show you open interest for Solana.
This way you can get data for more coins because with the drop down menu there's a limit.

Send me a private message for access to my invite only indicators.

People who use my dYdX exchange ref link get access for free:

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