Backtesting 3commas DCA Bot v2

Updating previously published simulated 3commas DCA logic with a sexier insert and more meaningful default parameters.
發布通知: Added possibility to use the RSI as buy signal
發布通知: Large Revamp:
- Added Label with warning and summary
- Added Stop Loss support
- Improved time inputs
- General bug fixes
發布通知: Quick amend on previous commit:
- add comments in script
- add warnings for limitations on backtesting with stop loss (in general, do not use a stop loss if you use DCA on the Spot market)
發布通知: Quick amend previous commit:
- Improved currency formatting
發布通知: more realistic amount of BTC (divided amount of BTC by 1000 because who owns 2000 BTC ?!)
發布通知: Fixed stop loss, reordered input as per 3c bot setup, fix max deviation calculation, add list of bot parameters on label printout
發布通知: - Fix quantities calculation
- Default to RSI-7 < 30 for buy signal
發布通知: amend previous commit
發布通知: - fix RSI start condition (Below; not crossover)
- set RSI default timeframe to 15
- small rework on the warning/results labels
發布通知: - Fixed Stop Loss triggers. Thank you @RealSaim for testing and reporting !
發布通知: - more meaningful default inputs
- Slightly more sexy snapshot
發布通知: New feature:
- Add a counter of total deals
發布通知: New Feature:
- Add nb of deals closed on hitting Stop Loss
發布通知: added support for Take Profit Type "% From Total Volume" or "% From Base Order "
發布通知: After getting the request from many of you, here it is:
發布通知: new update includes:
- refactored closing deal code
- add comparison of DCA bot performance to simple Buy and Hold.
發布通知: Fix Trailing TP logic for short bot
發布通知: New features !!
- Using TA Presets (Buy/Strong Buy/Sell/Strong Sell)
- Allow using different timeframes for RSI
- Allow using a percentage of equity rather than fixed amount of currency
- Numbered warnings
發布通知: New feature !!
- Backtesting timeframe updated automatically on the label

This is because the number of bars available is a fixed amount so if you select a 1m timeframe, you can backtest over only a few days, but if you select a 15m timeframe you can backtest over several months.

free account = 5000 bars
pro/pro+ account = 10000 bars
premium account = 20000 bars
發布通知: Fix bug on deal closure
Renamed "TA Preset" to "TV Preset"
發布通知: fixed typo
發布通知: Fancy update people !! A few weeks ago, TradingView released a new object called a "Table" and this is really a big upgrade on the usability of this backtester.


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