GRID Trading Optimized for Directional Markets

GRID trading is a popular trading strategy in Forex and Commodity markets.

It it however a tricky strategy when markets become directional.

This Directional GRID system adjusts its trading strategy and direction based on Overbought and Oversold RSI conditions on 2 timeframes.

It uses the short timeframe (chart) to trigger adjustments, so it delays buying/selling of all the levels, until it becomes overbought/sold

And it used the longer timeframe to trigger trading direction long/short.

This makes it far less likely to ever get "underwater", and builds in extra profit potential during market extremes.

I have coded it when i was trading SLV, but it could be optimized for any market using a "TradingView Strategy Input Optimizer".

Backtest based on a 25k max capital investment during 6 months.
Check the NET Profit (50%) result, and compare against the Buy & Hold (13.5%) return.
Losing trades are the ones that are currently open..
Av Bars in trades is the time between direction changes, as Position Adjustments are done more frequently.

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