Have you ever wanted to scan across many tickers and monitor an indicator across time for these selected tickers?

Have you ever wanted to monitor the Mag7 and SPY simultaneously and watch a divergence take place real time across all selected tickers?

With this indicator, you can now view 100 tickers (in batches of 10) for either Stocks, Crypto or Forex, with a HeatMap visualisation for the selected timeframe.

This particular indicator utilises the RSI or the CMO to provide this view, where colors change from deep red (low values) to dark green (high values) and provide the HeatMap sense of how this metric changes across time.

The values within the labels can be switched on and off from the Settings, depending on the user's preference.

Additionally, the tickers can be selected through the Settings from the Stocks, Crypto or Forex groups

The originality and usefulness of this indicator is that it provides a simultaneous view across batches of 10 tickers for a lookback of values in the given timeframe. Also, the view is served as a heatmap, for a visual understanding of the fluctuation over time.

The same logic can be applied to a variety of indicators, besides the RSI and the CMO.


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please contact ivol.analysis@gmail.com for access to this script