Daily Pivot (Traditional)

Hello all
This code is for daily pivot points , support and resistance with pivot labels and value.
simple code with no bugs.
this code use previous day values on online chat and current day values on offline chat.
pivot values are placed on right side, so no overlapping with other values.


Thank you Trading View for other educational script to make this possible.
發布通知: some changes
發布通知: Some change
發布通知: Added option to select Daily, weekly or Monthly pivot points.
發布通知: Hello all
Thank u very much for your kind support and likes.
new update brings - R4 R5 S4 S5 (can enable and disable in settings)
發布通知: Hello All
- thank you very much for your appreciation.
with this update
- function has been added to draw labels and lines.
- no mo repetition of defining variables
- now you can change label position also.
Thank you
發布通知: Hello All
Added option to select Fibonacci pivot from setting.
發布通知: Fix label position
發布通知: Fix s5 level value
發布通知: Hello
Now you can see pivot type and timeframe on the chart.


= Traditional
= Fibonacci
= Daily
= Weekly
= Monthly
發布通知: Hello All
Updated to new version version=5
發布通知: Hello All
New update for better navigation and selection.
Now you can select each support and resistance saperately.
發布通知: Hi

Now lines starts with session start.
發布通知: change text displayed after pivot, resistance and support
發布通知: few fixes and improvements.
發布通知: new update to show label on right of scale.
發布通知: hello all.
pivot points change with new bar.
發布通知: Update to make it simple.

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