Tetra Trendline Indicator 2.0

This script is designed to help traders visualize and identify potential overbought and oversold conditions in a financial instrument's price chart using four customizable trendlines. It also provides the option to set alerts for these conditions. Users can adjust the input parameters to tailor the indicator's behavior to their trading preferences.

Input Parameters: The script allows users to configure various input parameters to customize the behavior of the indicator. These parameters include:

showTrendlineX: Boolean inputs to control whether to show each of the four trendlines (Trendline 1, Trendline 2, Trendline 3, and Trendline 4).
trendlineColorX: Color inputs to specify the color of each trendline.
trendlineWidthX: Numeric inputs to set the width of each trendline.
trendlineLengthX: Numeric inputs to determine the length of each trendline.
alertOnTrendlineXBreak: Boolean inputs to enable or disable alerts for each trendline when they are breached.
Trendline Calculations: The script calculates the coordinates for each of the four trendlines. It does this by identifying the starting and ending points of each trendline based on user-defined parameters and the highest or lowest price levels within a specified length.

Plotting Trendlines: The script uses the plot function to display the calculated trendlines on the price chart. It also fills the area between the trendlines to visually emphasize the region.

Alert Conditions: The script defines alert conditions for each trendline. Alerts are triggered when certain price conditions are met:

Trendline 1: An alert is triggered when the price crosses above the Trendline 1 (indicating overbought conditions).
Trendline 2: An alert is triggered when the price crosses below the Trendline 2 (indicating oversold conditions).
Trendline 3: Similar to Trendline 1, an alert is triggered when the price crosses above Trendline 3 (overbought).
Trendline 4: Similar to Trendline 2, an alert is triggered when the price crosses below Trendline 4 (oversold).


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