Lower Timeframe Volume Bars

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The Lower Timeframe Volume Bars indicator enhances your TradingView experience by allowing you to visualize volume data from lower timeframes on your current chart. This powerful tool helps you gain deeper insights into volume trends and activity that are not immediately visible on higher timeframe charts. Specifically, it shows the volume data from the last bar of the selected lower timeframe.

Key Features:

Volume Bars from Lower Timeframes:

Display volume data from 1-minute or 1-second timeframes directly on higher timeframe charts, such as 15 minutes or 1 hour.
Each volume bar represents the aggregated volume from the lower timeframe within the selected higher timeframe period.

Enhanced Volume Analysis:

Gain a more detailed understanding of volume spikes and troughs that may be hidden in higher timeframe charts.
Identify potential market turning points and confirm trends with precise volume data.

Customizable Display:

Adjust the appearance of volume bars to fit your chart style and preferences.
Configure settings such as color, size, and positioning of volume bars for optimal visibility and clarity.

Seamless Integration:

Easily add the indicator to any chart in TradingView with a few clicks.
Works in conjunction with other technical indicators and tools to provide a comprehensive analysis environment.

How to Use:

  1. Add the Lower Timeframe Volume Bars indicator to your chart.
  2. Select the lower timeframe you wish to fetch volume data from (e.g., 1-minute or 1-second).
  3. Customize the display settings to match your charting style.
  4. Observe the volume bars overlaying your current chart to analyze volume activity across different timeframes, specifically showing the last bar's volume.
  5. Use the detailed volume information to make informed trading decisions and enhance your market analysis.


Increased Clarity: See detailed volume activity that is often lost in higher timeframe aggregation.
Better Decision Making: Make more informed trading decisions with a clear view of volume trends and spikes.
Improved Trend Confirmation: Use lower timeframe volume data to confirm the strength and sustainability of market trends.

Enhance your trading strategy and gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics with the Lower Timeframe Volume Bars indicator. Visualize, analyze, and trade with confidence by leveraging detailed volume insights from lower timeframes.
Bug fix: Compare volume from the last bar

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