Higher Fibonacci EMA

Overall image:

If the closing price is higher than the three Fibonacci EMAs (uptrend):

Thanks to @ZenAndTheArtOfTrading and his indicator "Higher Timeframe EMA", URL =
This is a trend-discriminating indicator that uses 3 EMAs.
The Williams Alligator is the underlying philosophy, and we have applied it to capture the larger trend.
It is set up for the current time frame + 2 higher time frames.
One of the upper time legs has a daily EMA length of 13 Fibonacci numbers.
The top-level time leg has a weekly EMA with a length of 5 Fibonacci.
If the current closing price of the ticker leg is higher than these three EMAs, the bar color will be green. If it is lower, it will be red. If it is neither, it will be gray.
If the bar color is green, it suggests that the trend is upward. If it is red, you can consider entering short. If it is gray, it is best not to enter anything.

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