Big Bars Detector

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If a big bar with high volume appears during an uptrend, this may indicate strong buying pressure i.e. the bar acts as support. vice versa, if a big bar with high volume appears during a downtrend i.e. the bar acts as resistance.

How to use ?
  • It is easy to use whenever the label appears on the candle's high (make sure the candle's color is Red for a bear candle, for example). If a Green bar has a label on its low, simply use the candle's low as support, and vice versa. If the candle's high has a label, consider using it as resistance.

  • The values display in labels on the top / bottom of the bar is the volume on that particular candle

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You can set the label values as per your need i.e. high , low , close , volume.
Filter Bars by Using Greater Volume e.g. if Bars have Volume > 10000 indicator will detect the those bar have 10000 above volume
Minor bug fixed
You can Also find candle who are bigger than percentage you mentioned in setting panel. Use 15 min or higher timeframe to find good levels

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