OI Visible Range Ladder [Kioseff Trading]


This Script “OI Visible Range Ladder” calculates open interest profiles for the visible range alongside an OI ladder for the visible period!

  • OI Profile Anchored to Visible Range
  • OI Ladder Anchored to Visible Range
  • Standard POC and Value Area Lines, in Addition to Separated POCs and Value Area Lines for each category of OI x Price
  • Configurable Value Area Targets
  • Curved Profiles
  • Up to 9999 Profile Rows per Visible Range
  • Stylistic Options for Profiles

Up to 9999 volume profile levels (Price levels) can be calculated for each profile, thanks to the new polyline feature, allowing for less aggregation / more precision of open interest at price.

The image above shows primary functionality!

Green profiles = Up OI / Up Price
Yellow profiles = Down OI / Up Price
Purple profiles = Up OI / Down Price
Red profiles = Down OI / Down Price

The image above shows POCs for each OI x Price category!

Profiles can be anchored on the left side for a more traditional look.

The indicator is robust enough to calculate on “small price periods”, or for a price period spanning your entire chart fully zoomed out!

That’s about it :D

This indicator is Part of a series titled “Bull vs. Bear” - a suite of profile-like indicators.

Thanks for checking this out!

If you have any suggestions please feel free to share!

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