Future Preview

Future Preview

Calculate real-time future order profit with open price, leverage and commission fee. Simple and straight forward. If you need any additional feature, please leave a comment below. I am glad to help.

  • When adding Future Preview to chart, it will ask order open time and open price on the chart by clicking with left mouse on the desired value. These value can be changed lately, as well as the leverage and commission fee. Default leverage is 10 and default commission fee is 0.06% (taker).
  • There will be two horizontal lines. The solid longer line is the open price line, it shows the order open price. The shorter line moving with real-time price is the current price line, it shows the current price. There will be preview data shows on top or below the price line. Open price line is red for short order and green for long order. The current price line is red when the order is losing and it is green when it profiting. The back ground color follows the color of current price line. Background color transparency and gain/loss color can be changed in options.
  • There will be one horizontal line on the left if the option of showing open time is on (default is on). It shows the time stamp when current order opened.
  • After adding Future Preview to chart, there is option to add Taking Profit(TP) or Stop Loss(SL) to the chart.
  • Font size can be changed in option


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