(JS) Multi-Time Frame Pivot Point Detector

J-Streak Premium 已更新   
Sick of flipping through Pivot Point settings to change the time frame?
Or to hide certain ones because it screws up the auto-zoom?
Or are you just wishing there was something out there that was simple and effective?

Well - me too, that's why I made this automatic Pivot Points detector. Right now it only goes to S3/R3 (will expand in the future), but I made this specifically for my day trading template.

So this automatically detects the nearest Pivot Points above and below price - and it does Daily, Weekly, and Monthly, so there should be 6 lines showing at all times.
Speaking of which....
Blue - Daily
Green - Weekly
Red- Monthly

You'll also notice a really thick line will appear time to time - that thick line (on all time frames is the Pivot line, so obviously above it is the resistance lines and below it lies the support lines.
All you have to do is turn it on and you'll be completely aware of your surroundings across multiple time frames all at once, hope you like it!
Added the ability to edit the pivots, as well as adding S4/R4 and S5/R5 - also limited the plot to only look back 500 bars.