[D] Dudu 95 Strategy Template ver.1.1.

DuDu95 Premium 已更新   
Hello Guys! Nice to meet you all!
This is my Second script after changing My Profile Name!
I updated my strategy template before - I added some filter conditions ( EMA , ADX , DMI).
If there's something to update, I will update this script!
Thank you!

I made this based on the open source strategies by jason5480, kevinmck100, myncrypto.
Thank you All!

### Filter
1. Can Choose whether to use filter.
2. Filters Based on ATR, EMA , ADX , and DMI are ready to use.

### StopLoss
1. Can Choose Stop Loss Type: Percent, ATR, Previous Low / High.
2. Can Chosse inputs of each Stop Loss Type.

### Take Profit
1. Can set Risk Reward Ratio for Take Profit.
- To simplify backtest, I erased all other options except RR Ratio.
- You can add Take Profit Logic by adding options in the code.
2. Can set Take Profit Quantity.

### Risk Manangement
1. Can choose whether to use Risk Manangement Logic.
- This controls the Quantity of the Entry.
- e.g. If you want to take 3% risk per trade and stop loss price is 6% below the long entry price,
then 50% of your equity will be used for trade.
2. Can choose How much risk you would take per trade.

### Plot
1. Added Labels to check the data of entry / exit positions.
2. Changed and Added color different from the original one. (green: #02732A, red: #D92332, yellow: #F2E313)
1. Added Super Trend Filter (+Plot)
2. Changed the location of "DMI Filter On?" next to "ADX Filter On?" because these two filters share the value of ADX Length.

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