NG [Simple Harmonic Oscillator]

The SHO is a bounded oscillator for the simple harmonic index that calculates the period of the market’s cycle.
The oscillator is used for short and intermediate terms and moves within a range of -100 to 100 percent.
The SHO has overbought and oversold levels at +40 and -40, respectively.
At extreme periods, the oscillator may reach the levels of +60 and -60.
The zero level demonstrates an equilibrium between the periods of bulls and bears.
The SHO oscillates between +40 and -40.
The crossover at those levels creates buy and sell signals.
In an uptrend, the SHO fluctuates between 0 and +40 where the bulls are controlling the market.
On the contrary, the SHO fluctuates between 0 and -40 during downtrends where the bears controlthe market.
Reaching the extreme level -60 in an uptrend is a sign of weakness.
發布通知: Added Signal line
發布通知: Updated histogram and red/green line to represent signal, silver line is harmonic value now.




nice tool!
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