Williams Alligator Trend Filter Heatmap

Hello I've decided that the alligator lines can be used to find a trend. This script expands on that and checks 10 different multipliers to see trend over the long term and have 10 values. Those 10 values each give a color to one of the 10 lines in turn giving this Fire like plotting. I personaly use this to see if there is fear (red) in the markets or greed (blue), plotted 9 different crypto coins on the chart and have 4 columns in my setup to see the values on different timeframes. In the chart preview this is 1H,30M,10M,1M to see current environment. The colors use alot of data to generate especialy the bottom part, that colors based on a very long time zone.

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Website —> honestalgo.com
Website —> honestalgo.com

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