ICT Index Futures Session Lines

ICT Index Futures Session Lines


The script is based on one of ICT's concepts on trading Index Futures. The script lays out the daily range from an intraday basis.


00:00 - New York Midnight
08:30 – New York Open (News events come out)
12:00/13:00 - New York Lunch (No trade time period)
13:30 - (Algorithm)
16:30 - Close

* The open, high and low lines are plotted from 00:00 to 08:30

How To Use:

You will need to check the daily bias. Prior to 8:30 you are to look for previous swing points where liquidity may exist. During the open you want to see if a high or low is taken out, and then wait for an energetic break/displacement for a potential FVG/imbalance retracement entry.

Strategy is for LTF (1 to 15m)

Default time zone is set to America/New_York (UTC New York), so lines will be plotted correctly regardless of user’s local UTC chart setting.


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