ICT index correlated market indicator

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This is not a real indicator, but is what ICT use as indicator for trading futures indexes.

it can only display SP500 , Dow Jon Industrial Average and Nasdaq, if someone want other market can copy the code and change some parameters (is more easy than it can appear)

A good idea is using this other market on backtest to confirm the divergence idea of Linda Raske, than use it to spot quickly in real market.
Another idea published by ICT is the "hidden entry pattern", the entry signal appear in ES or YM but I trade NQ for volatility , so I use the trigger of SP500 or Dow to enter in Nasdaq.

Rember always don't trust anybody, do your own backtest and research!
發布通知: with this update I added more ICT student used pair in the quick asset selector.
Added a free asset selector
Increased the color selection for the candle
Cleaned the code for who want to learn from it


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