Trend Meter

Use as a supplementary Indicator to confirm your entries, but it is as good on it's own.

When you first apply the indicator to your chart make sure you shrink it down It looks a lot better that way

The indicator consists of 3 different Trend Meters and a Trend Bar which are used to confirm trend

As a bonus Possible Momentum Setup entries based on Stochastics are marked as well, these are very Powerful however please use with caution

How to Use

The more Trend meters are lit up the better

Look for Support or Resistance Levels for price to be attracted to

Find confluence with other indicators

Enter Long above the Setup Bar

Enter Short Below the Setup Bar

Nov 21
發布通知: Adjusted;

Filter X parameters

Trend Meter Background Highlight - Filter X + 3 Trend Meter Conditions Met (Minor / Major Base Line Cross Excluded)
Nov 25
發布通知: Updated Alerts - You can see and set them properly now
Nov 26
發布通知: Fixed issue with Alerts
Dec 28
發布通知: Ability to change dot size

Background Highlight when all 3 conditions are met

Adjusted Alerts
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trying your indicator, looks amazing
This meter is awesome. Can you tell me why sometimes when 5 dots align that you can get a relatively small candle?

Lij_MC TrendSpotter1
@TrendSpotter1, Hey Thanks :)
Sorry I'm not sure but it is a good idea to use the meter in confluence with price action and various candle types etc.
Generally for longs we put a buy order above the setup bar and let price come to us that way we get in only if the momentum is sustained.
Also good to have take profit targets etc.
@Lij_MC, Hi,
Sorry, I didnt make that clear. I do that already. What do the full "meter" lines mean and the background solid colour?

Lij_MC TrendSpotter1
@TrendSpotter1, They are momentum setups based on Stochastics
Hello Traders....
The Trend Meter is Complimented well with

Lij_MC Lij_MC
@Lij_MC, "Multi MA Ribbon +" Which has all the Momentum Strategy Entries, Market Cipher Entries and more....
Man you are on fire lately!
This looks so familiar. :-)
Lij_MC Trendbeat
@Trendbeat, Thanks :) Hard work and perseverance pays off I guess. Hopefully it leads to lots of successful trades for everyone
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