CM ATR PercentileRank

CM ATR PercentileRank - Great For Showing Market Bottoms.

When Increased Volatility to the Downside Reaches Extreme Levels it’s Usually a Sign of a Market Bottom.

This Indicator Takes the ATR and uses a different LookBack Period to calculate the Percentile Rank of ATR Which is a Great Way To Calculate Volatility

Be Careful Of Using w/ Market Tops. Not As Reliable.

***Ability to Control ATR Period and set PercentileRank to Different Lookback Period

***Ability to Plot Histogram Just Showing Percentiles or Histogram Based on Up/Down Close

Fuchsia Lines = Greater Than 90th Percentile of Volatility based on ATR and LookBack Period.
Red Lines = Warning — 80-90th Percentile
Orange Lines = 70-80th Percentile

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秉持真正的TradingView精神,該腳本的作者將其開源發佈,因此交易者可以理解和驗證它。為作者加油! 您可以免費使用它,但是在發佈中重複使用此代碼受網站規則的約束。您可以把它加入到常用以在圖表上使用它。

//Created By ChrisMoody on 9/17/2014 
//Ability to control ATR period and set PercentileRank to Different Lookback Period
//Ability to Plot HIstogram Just Showing Percentiles or Hitogram Based on Up/Down Closes
study(title="CM_ATR_Percentile", shorttitle="CM_ATR_PrcntRank", overlay=false, precision=0)
length = input(5, minval=1, title="ATR Length")
length2 = input(50, minval=1, title="# of Bars the PercentileRank uses to Calculate % Values")
sn = input(true, title="Show Normal Histogram? Uncheck = Histogram based on Up/Down Close")

//ATR and PercentileRank Calculations
atr = sma(tr, length)
pctileRank = percentrank(atr, length2)

down = close < close[1]
up = close > close[1]

//Calculation for Showing Histogram based on Up/Down Close
pctileRankFinal = up ? pctileRank : down ? pctileRank * -1 : na

//Color Rules
col = pctileRank <= 70 ? gray : pctileRank > 70 and pctileRank < 80 ? orange : pctileRank >= 80 and pctileRank <= 90 ? red : pctileRank >= 90 ? fuchsia : silver

//Plot Statements
plot(sn and pctileRank ? pctileRank : pctileRankFinal, title="PercentileRank Histogram",style=columns, linewidth=2, color=col)
plot(0, title="0 Line", style=line, linewidth=3, color=silver)


Could you please give a link to this indicator so that I could put it on my chart?
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Chris - I'm a newcomer to the site. How do I get the ATR percentile rank on my charts?
ChrisMoody Alphaoptions
watch the 2nd video on this will help you out a lot. ... The one titled importing custom indicators
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Alphaoptions ChrisMoody
Thank you. Very helpful.
Where can one find this indicator?
The Indicator is at the top of the page. Does that answer your question.
tarhun ChrisMoody
More or less.
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Please update the CM ATR PercentileRank bars. :)
I haven't been able to translate it for ThinkorSwim.

Please don't take this as being rude towards you in any way. History, has shown I go out of my way to help people in any way possible on TradingView. However I'm constantly being asked questions that aren't specific. Therefore I have no idea what answer to give. You know exactly what you mean by asking the question. I can't read you mind.

So when you say Please update the "Code"...In what way? It works. If you have a specific feature in mind then please state the "specific" feature.

If your asking me to update the code so it's compatable with TOS? This is not possible. TOS uses a different more complex coding language, while Pinescript is much more user friendly and as mentioned below...the capabilities of PineScript are soon to have extremely advanced capabilities. More importantly...If you watched the latest video I posted...It states that sometime this month we will be introducing Paper Trading...and after any bugs are worked out TradingView will be integrating brokerages to give you the ability to trade through the charts...(This will take a while)..Therefore TOS is soon to become a direct competitor. So people posting code for other platforms...and soon to be direct competitors is not acceptable. Imaging calling TOS and asking them to code one of their indicators for TradingView for you. We both know what the response will be.

With that being said...I trade options through TOS...and I'll throw you a bone...

You may find someone on here that mentions they use TOS too...If you PM that person they may be willing to help you out...HINT...HINT...possibly me!!! But let's keep other platforms off the main threads.

Another Bone....go to ... It's owned by a guy named Eric...he's the #1 coder for TOS. There is a free version of his site...and a paid version. I've been a paid member for years...there are talented coders on there that can code anything. Plus as a paid member you get a zip file that has 100+ indicators Eric has coded. This 'May" have been where I came across the indicator in the first place. I wouldn't copy Eric's work...that's an unwritten rule amongst coders. But I may have taken the general concept and converted it to a Percentile Rank which highlights the EXTREME moves in green.

Please don't take this as me attacking your question in any way. My sincerest apologies if you take it that way. Not my intentions.

This same conversation will be had with many others. Many will vouch for my willingness to help anyone out in any way I can. TradingView's goal is to become the best platform available to the retail trader....Period...With full strategies and backtesting coming out around December, and full broker integration coming after that...Full scanning capability coming later on...I hope you start to understand that while TOS offers a few more capabilities. today...In my won't for long...And I'm a 10+ year TOS user...The features the developers are creating now...and the features they are working on behind the scenes...will be first ever features ever seen in this industry.

You...and everyone else are at the right place at the right time....a little patience....GREAT THINGS to COME....
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2use ChrisMoody
Thanx for the link - comment helped in more than one way
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