Market Structure Break & Order Block by EmreKb

This indicator shows the market structure break ( msb ) and order blocks (ob). Msb occurs after the breakout old high when the price make lower lows or occurs after the breakout old low when the price make higher highs. OB occurs after the msb , ob is the last bullish candle before high if msb is bearish but if the msb is bullish then ob is the last bearish candle before low.

Zigzag Lenght - A number for the zigzag calculation
Show Zigzag - Show/Hide Zigzag lines
Fib Factor - Fib level for the breakout confirmation. For example if new high larger than old high to low fib 1+fib_factor when the down trend then it's a breakout.
發布通知: Added breaker and mitigation blocks. Breaker and mitigation blocks are the block in the low area formed before last high. Last bearish candle for bearish and last bullish candle for bullish are mitigation or breaker blocks.
發布通知: Added display settings
發布通知: Changed some default values
發布通知: - Copy Paste bug fixed :)
- Added alert to msb
發布通知: Some Bug Fixed
發布通知: - The bug that caused the alarm delay has been fixed. (MSB)
- Added timeframe option. You can only select current timeframe or higher timeframe. Zigzag only shows in current timeframe.


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