Financial Astrology Vesta Longitude

Vesta is one of the largest objects in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, the orbit duration is 3.63 years and seems to be very relevant celestial object in financial astrology. The experienced financial astrologer "Bill Meridian" indicates that this asteroid rules the security business, and paper securities such as bonds and stocks. We have confirmed through statistical research that adding this asteroid to astrology machine learning models provides an increase in daily trend predictions accuracy for crypto-currencies sector.

Our statistical analysis of Vesta zodiac sign location concluded that when is transiting the signs of Aries , Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Libra the daily trend is 59% or more of the days bullish . When Vesta is located at Capricorn is very bearish with 60% of the daily trend going in downward direction. In the other zodiac signs the daily trend was neutral showing most of the time a sideways pattern.

Is very interesting to note that the exact date July 21, 2021, when Vesta entered in Libra BTCUSD started the last bullish wave that finally broke the congestion zone of the 30K-35K and started a new bullish optimism. Pay attention on what happened in the previous cycle when Vesta was located in Libra and do your conclusions.

Note: Vesta longitude indicator is based on an ephemeris array that covers years 2010 to 2030, prior or after this years the data is not available, this daily ephemeris are based on UTC time so in order to align properly with the price bars times you should set UTC as your chart timezone.

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