Opening Levels

Opening Levels is an indicator to draw lines on the opening prices of the current day, week, and month.


1. Line Width :- Opening Levels Line width, from 1 to 10
2. Right Offset :- Right offset from current bar, from 0 to 50
3. Line Style :- Select line styles from
4. Show Label :- Show or hide price labels
5. Day Level Color :- Current day opening level color
6. Week Level Color :- Current week opening level color
7. Month Level Color :- Current month opening level color
8. Day Label Text Color :- Current day label text color
9. Week Label Text Color :- Current Week label text color
10. Month Label Text Color :- Current month label text color

Happy trading.
發布通知: Added options for show/hide levels.




I've been looking for this exact script, but with one change. Ability to set to Prior Month, Prior Week, Prior Day highs. Would you consid
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I've applied it, but I see nothing on my charts
Really clean, thank you!
Hi, this is a nice clean script. I like the labels.
How would I modify to show previous week high and low to go along with this weeks open?
can you do label for other timeframe
click an option on it
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