Fear and Greed Index

I couldn't find one based on the original, so I made my own, it's not quite identical, but it does the job.

Red = greed
Green = fear

I updated a lot of the subcomponents and fixed a bug. I've reduced the smoothing to 1, it was previously 5 if you prefer smoother signals. Also added a McClellan oscillator .

I've commented out the plotting of individual sub-components, just uncomment them to see what they do. Some look like pretty useful indicators on their own.

發布通知: Added built in divergence lines and bollinger bands. Made some minor changes.

Regarding the divergence lines, the fear and greed index which this is based on is, apparently, supposed to be a market timing indicator, although it may well be better off being used as a momentum indicator. Because of this I am not certain that the upper divergence lines should be red to indicate bearish divergences and green for bullish ones. Let me know if you have any thoughts about that.


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