[LunaOwl] 智慧型RSI (Smart RSI - a handy tool with less noise)

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Relative Strength Index is a common technical analysis tool, it is classified as a momentum oscillator, measuring the velocity and magnitude of directional price movements. it is most typically used on a 14-period timeframe, measured on a scale from 0 to 100, with high and low levels marked at 70 and 30.


after simple improvement and addition of logical judgment, it becomes a passive judge from subjective judgments, avoid the shortcomings of peoples in watching passivation, and the trade can be more consistent.



1) parameter

  • RSI period 1 - default is 14, same as general RSI .
  • RSI period 2 - default is 5, due to its own formula, the amplitude of the oscillator will become larger and more agile or fast. When the parameter is small.
  • exponential moving avg of RSI - using the result of RSI period 1 as the source of Ema's formula, the default length is 14, which can filter the excessive agility of RSI period 2 to reduce noise, and compared to using the baseline as the criterion for long and short judgments, The characteristics of exponential moving avg are more suitable to become flexible filtering standards.
  • Overbought - default is 70, you can set your overbought level.
  • Oversold - same as above, the default is 30.

2) Options

  • Open Candle color(開啟蠟燭線趨勢) - choose whether to start the color of the candle.
  • Open background color(開啟指標背景色) - the default is false, you can turn on.


1. 設置參數

  • RSI期數1:預設值是14,是普通的RSI指標。
  • RSI期數2:預設值是5,由於RSI公式的算法,造成參數愈小擺盪幅度就會變大,反應比較快。
  • 指數平均化的RSI期數1:將RSI期數1的結果帶入指數移動平均公式,預設值14,它能過濾RSI期數2過度敏捷的缺點,減少雜訊,相較於單純使用基準線作為多空判斷標準,用EMA的判斷標準更加因時制宜。
  • 超買線:預設值是70,可以隨意調。
  • 超賣線:預設值是30,一樣的。

2. 設定選項

  • 開啟蠟燭線趨勢:顧名思義。已經幫您開好了。
  • 開啟指標背景色:顏色太淺的話可以調深一點。


ver.2- adjust new style design and create two options.
修改2: 調整新的樣式設計與建立兩個選項。


ver.3- Create alert condition. maybe I should refer to the Alert Creation Framework,
there is also room for improvement.
修改3: 建立快訊選項。我應該參考警報創建框架,還有進步空間。


Indicator Style - 指標樣式

The design uses casual light color style, light gray between overbought and oversold.


Market Example - 市場範例

1. Bitcoin /Tether , Binance, 1 day

2. Bitcoin /USD, Coinbase, 4 hour

3. EUR/USD , Forex Market, 4 hour

4. GBP/USD , Forex Market, 30 min

5. TAIEX , Taiwan SE Weighted Index, 1 week


postscript - 後記感想

The purpose of publishing Chinese Scripts is to make Pine close to more Chinese user.
I hope English skills enhancement...staggered writing makes me feel hard.
發布中文腳本的目的,是希望可以讓 Pine 親近更多中文圈的使用者。希望我的英語進步,中英文交錯撰寫有一些困難。


If you find my works useful, you can give me encouragement. I can buy more books to sophisticated themselves.
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