Price Filter [AstrideUnicorn]

The indicator calculates a fast price filter based on the closing price of the underlying asset. Overall, it is intended to provide a fast, reliable way to detect trend direction and confirm trend strength, using statistical measures of price movements.
The algorithm was adapted from Marcus Schmidberger's (2018) article "High Frequency Trading with the MSCI World ETF". It demeans the price time series using the long-term average and then normalizes it with the long-term standard deviation. The resulting time series is then compared to specified thresholds to determine the trend direction.

The indicator surface is colored green if the price is trending upwards and red if the price is trending downwards. If the indicator outline is the opposite color of the indicator surface, it indicates that the price is moving against the trend and the current trend may be losing strength.
If the 'Use threshold' setting is enabled, the indicator will be colored blue if its value is within the range defined by the upper and lower thresholds. This indicates that the price is trending sideways, or that the current trend is losing strength.


Length - the length of the long-term average used to calculate the price filter. Recommended range 20 - 200. The sensitivity of the indicator increases as the value becomes smaller, allowing it to detect smaller price moves and swings earlier.

Threshold- the threshold value used to detect trend direction.

Use threshold - a boolean (true/false) input that determines whether to use the threshold value for confirmation.

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