Three Inside [TradingFinder] 3 Inside Up & Down Chart Patterns


"3 inside up" and "3 inside down" denote a duo of candlestick reversal patterns, each comprising three individual candles, commonly observed on candlestick charts.

These patterns manifest as a sequence of three candles, signaling a potential loss of momentum in the current trend and a potential reversal in direction.

This pattern consists of 3 consecutive candles and can be either "bullish" or "bearish".

In the bullish pattern, known as "Inside Up," emerging at the conclusion of a downtrend, the final candle must exhibit bullish characteristics, while the third candle from the end must display bearish traits.

Conversely, in the bearish pattern, termed "Inside Down," occurring at the culmination of an uptrend, the last candle must demonstrate bearish behavior, with the third candle from the end reflecting bullish attributes.

🔵How to Use
Using this indicator is very simple. Filtering "Strong 3 Inside Bar" and "Weak 3 Inside Bar" is a feature available in the settings section. You can turn the filter "On" or "Off." By default, the "Filter" is set to "On."

"Filter: On":

"Filter: Off":

🔵How to Display
For better display and differentiation of "Strong 3 Inside Bar" and "Weak 3 Inside Bar," when the "Filter: On" is active, the 3 Inside Bars are displayed in green and red colors. When the "Filter: Off" is active, the 3 Inside Bars are displayed in blue and black colors.


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