Gann swings [promuckaj]

This indicator is a tool that could help the users what the market trend is at any time, based on legendary trader, Mr. William D. Gann .
Gann it self called this the “Trendline Indicator”, but modern traders call it Swing.
Gann’s primary use his techniques in correlation with this trading tool helping him achieve his phenomenal trading results.

Gann swings automatically displays the swing chart and trend on any timeframe you choose. There is option to set desired color and width of the trend line.

There is 3 types of settings to determine the swings, from 1 to 3 which represent the number of bars as confirmation for the swing bar. Default is 2.

There is labels on bars that gives information about each bar, is it up, down, inside or outside bar. This can be turned off/on.
🡱 - Up bar
🡳 - Down bar
⬍ - Outside bar
x - Inside bar

Indicator is also fully customizable to display break-out lines, which indicate potential trend changes ahead of time. There is option to choose whether you want to mark only first breaks in a row or you want all of them in case there is multiple ones in the same direction.

Gann swings is an indicator that EVERY trader and investor should have, it can provide vital information that can help to determine the trend of any market and information about the upswings and downswings.

Everyone enjoy trading !

I have in my mind some additional features as upgrade that can include data about each swing, like data for tops/bottoms date, time, price, range in % between swings, and bar count of each swing that is formed on the chart.