Vegas Tunnel strategy

Apply Vegas Tunnel,
Use EMA144 169 as medium-term trend support
Also use EMA 576 676 and 4 multiples of 144 and 169 as long-term support and trend direction
Also increase EMA 36 43 as a short-term trend support

Suitable for stocks, indices, commodities
The applicable time scale can back-test the usability of the strategy by itself, and select the most applicable target

Introduction to current trading strategy:
According to the trend, the price will enter the market when it touches the support of each stage. When it touches the bollinger bands , it is Squeeze. Hold until it leaves the bollinger bands

But the trading strategy can be more optimized, see the code for details




bro, tested this strategy on other trading pairs, the test result is too good to be true, the profitable percentage is almost too large, over 50%, while most trend-following strategies have a profitable percentage of 30-40% ..... so I wonder whether this strategy repaints, like does it delete the wrong signals,,
very intersting strategy bro, thank you for the hardwork in making this,, tested it on bitcoin 1h chart,looks like it works well for bitcoin too. I would recommend using it wisely, instead of blindly waiting for the signal to tell you to exit a losing trade------which might be too late, it's better to set your stop-loss at an obvious high or low point
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