Timeframe Marker - know when timeframes start/end

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When you're on a lower timeframe, it's important to know which timeframes are starting/ending.

Timeframe Marker will display a bars that stack notifying you of your chosen timeframes.

For example, if you're on the one minute chart or another low timeframe, you'll be aware of the larger timeframes are about to begin or start.

It's always good to select the lowest timeframe first in ascending order so that the lowest bar is the lowest timeframe and bars that stack on top are larger timeframes.

The default timeframes are:
• 5 minutes (green)
• 15 minutes (yellow)
• 1 hour (orange)
• 4 hour (red)
• daily (blue)
• weekly (purple)
• monthly (gray)

If your chart's timeframe is higher than the timeframe marker you've selected, then it won't display a bar stack for that timeframe as it would normally display on every bar (this is to avoid clutter).

The future timeframe marks basically will offset to future timeframes. Set how many bars forward you'd like to see.
Updated the colors.
made colors stand out.
turned off display for numbers as it was unnecessary.

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