Elephant - Shooting Star Candles

This script aims to show elephant and shootingstar candles. Body for elephant are at least 70% of the whole candle. Shootingstar have a body of 35% times the lenht of the full candle. Both are searched with 1.3 Standard Deviations as noise within 100 bars. Colors are ploted if closes above/below 200 SMA
發布通知: A little acording description
發布通知: Description in configuration clolor screen
發布通知: Several corrections respect to ratios and filters for shooting star... These are shown independently SMA 200 in order to point out possible change of trend. Elephant bars also recivied a little correction with respect to the wick size. Shooting stars are shown with 50% of the body and you can change it within a range from 0 to 50%.
發布通知: Some deffinitions are updated


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