Failed Auction

As we know, buyers and sellers take part in the market auction.

A failed auction is where price could not tick above or below a specific price. This means that there were no buyers willing to buy or sellers willing to sell beyond that price. Price then moves away in the other direction.

The failed auction acts as a magnet and becomes a target to revisit sooner or later. The failed auction is a successful/finished auction once it has been satisfied.

On the indicator, two adjacent candles with the exact same high or low are marked. The icon will appear on the high or low of the 2nd candle. This notifies us that there was a failed auction.

If you are in a trade, you can use the failed auction to hold onto the trade longer. If you are not in a trade, you should be cautious if a failed auction rests above or below you limit order.

Icons and colours are customisable. An option to have plotted lines for the failed auction is included.

Works on all timeframes.

發布通知: - Failed auction line extends until tested.
- Alerts for failed/successful auction added
- Option to hide lines


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