Volume Pressure

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This script modified from @UnknownUnicorn15474107's VolumePressure

The sum of buying and selling volume is NOT always equal to the total volume using the original script because the 2 columns are overlaid, not stacked
add buying/selling ratio
Based on @SpinTrades' feedback, added a scale accordingly to a Stack Overflow answer to fit the Candlestick Charts.
1) Add moving average of buying/selling volume. You'll need to go to the setting to enable it. You have an option to show both, or MA, or default volume only.
a) I wonder if there is any useful insight by showing the VMA, crossover, or something. Please share your thoughts.
2) Make the vol limit optional as its sole purpose is to scale the histogram to fit the main chart. This displays better the volume pressure on a separate pane.
3) Side note: if you want to display the volume pressure together with the candlesticks, you'll need to enable the scale from the settings. To put the indicator to the bottom, the best way I can think of is to set the chart's bottom margin to 0.
adjusted some default settings to look more like the build-in volume indicator, e.g., to fit the candlestick pane with any timeframes.

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