Time Segmented Volume, TSV Cipher + TSI

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TSV is a leading indicator based on the Volume , so it can be used to dectect price movements even before other indicators.
You can read about the Time Segmented Volume and the concept how to use it here:

From my observations, it seems like you can use this indicator in the similar way to "oscilators" as well.

So the idea is to use the signal and run in trough:
1) WaveTrend - to produce "green" and "red" dots.
2) TSI
Both oscillators produce two signals that when crossed might be a buy/sell signal.

Hope you like the idea.

WARNING: Use the indicator for your own risk, it was released for educational purposes.
發布通知: * Simplified the charts
* Changed TSV normalize method
* Added description
發布通知: * Improved default settings
* More settings: including separated long and fast settings - feel free to adjust it to the timeframe you are using
* More settings: color customization

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