Financial Astrology True Lilith (Black Moon) Longitude

True Lilith (Black Moon) represents the wildly perturbed Moon apogee orbit, is not averaged (as Mean Lilith) and shows an erratic path with constant change of direction and speed. This Lilith uses the actual, real orbit rather than the average used by Mean Lilith. This perturbations are caused due to the gravitational pull of the Sun and the change of the orbit center which is the Earth-Moon Barycenter. The move of this apogee point toward all the Zodiac signs takes around 9 years to complete and as we can observe, the True Lilith moves back and forward within two consecutive zodiac signs during a prolonged period. In this erratic motion we can note that the peaks and valleys of this waves usually present a swing trade opportunities, is really impressive to note how a full or half True Lilith wave period correlates with short term local peaks and valleys in the BTCUSD price.

Note: The True Lilith (Black Moon) longitude indicator is based on an ephemeris array that covers years 2010 to 2030, prior or after this years the data is not available, this daily ephemeris are based on UTC time so in order to align properly with the price bars times you should set UTC as your chart timezone.

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