TMO Scalper

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TMO - (T)rue (M)omentum (O)scillator) MTF Scalper Version
TMO Scalper is a special custom version of the popular TMO Oscillator. Scalper version was designed specifically for the lower time frames (1-5min intraday scalps). This version prints in the signals directly on top of the oscillator only when the higher aggregations are aligned with the current aggregation (the big wheels must be spinning in order for a small wheel to spin). The scalper consist of three MTF TMO oscillators. First one is the one that plot signals (should be the fastest aggregation), second serves as a short term trend gauge (good rule of thumb is to us 2-5x of the chart time frame or the first aggregation). The third one (optional) is shaded in the background & should only serve as a trend gauge for the day (usually higher time frames 30min+).

Time Frames Preffered by Traders:

1. 1m / 5m / 30m - This one is perfect for catching the fastest moves. However, during choppy days the 1min can produce more false signals..
2. 2m / 10m / 30m - Healthy middle, the 2min aggregation nicely smooths out the 1min mess. Short term gauge is turning slowly (10min for a signal to confirm).
3. 3m / 30m / 60m - This TF is awesome for day traders that prefer to take it slow. Obviously, this combination will produce far less signals during the day.

Hope it helps.
Signal dots were replaced with custom trigger symbol (triangle up/down as the default).
+ Minor Bug Fixes
+ Moved New Settings Menu to Inputs
+ Added Up / Down Signals for Overbough & Oversold Signals Only (Extremes)
+ Added On/Off Switch to All TMO Aggregations
Bug Fixes
+Added OB / OS Extreme Thresholds (default set to 9 and -9 which means the extremes only will plot after the TMO goes beyond 9 or -9).


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