No Code Signals

No Code Signals is an intuitive user interface for users to generate their own signals based on indicators they already have applied to their chart.
This indicator makes use of the new input.source() limits for importing data from external sources (indicators) into 1 indicator.
You are now able to import ANY number of sources from up to 10 different indicators.

- Import up to 10 unique values from up to 10 different indicators already on your chart!
- Compare those values against other imported indicator values, or chart ohlc values.
- Option to use a defined level instead of an active source.
- 5 Signal Options (Currently)
- Alerts, Each signal has its own alert condition.
- Labeled Signals, to tell which signal is which.

Potential Future Plans:
- More Signals & Analysis Options
- Possibly more imports
- Combining 2 (or more) signals into 1

Here is a Screenshot of a chart with signals, and the Interface creating the signals.



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