Scalper Pro Pivot - Scalpers Weapon

Today I feel good to share with my all pals a new "Pivot Point" indicator which I never thought that it could be that easily done. I have been trading for years but I am, to be honest, new to pine script. I used to code other programming languages in the past like HTML, CSS , javascript, PHP , etc web-based programming language which luckily helped me to understand pinescript. It was a bit of my history about coding now talking to the main reason why I created this script in the first place? The answer is simple "I mean who the hell don't want to make their own indicators which work to accomplish own goals". There are lots of indicators which I saw in the public library as well as inside build in but, to be honest, I didn't found any pivot point indicator which calculates the "Fibonacci" method. Even if there are hundreds of pivot point indicators out there in public and built-in but they were either in higher timeframe (daily or above resolution) and weren't on a lower timeframe like starting from 1-minute resolution. There are some lower timeframe pivot point indicators but they aren't using the same method of calculation which I wished and if I ever figure out one then they just end up being repaints which didn't work properly as I wanted. The last but not least reason to create this indicator was obviously for all those short term traders (Scalpers) which I believe this indicator will be a game-changer by adding more support on their current trading strategies. It is so flexible that we can change the resolution from 1min to 1month and, to be honest with you all Fibonacci method used pivot points works most of the time with my own years of personal experience using them in higher timeframes and that is mainly one reason why I was eager to make one which can be used in lower timeframes. It will be useful for all types of traders (short-mid-long). The indicator was specially created for my own scalping purposes and indeed at the end, the creation of this indicator became like if I was mean to dedicate this to my fellow scalper's out there who value the pivot point! Lastly, I would like to give credit to pine script who gave support and knowledge for pine script as well as 'LonesomeTheBlue' my friend who fixed some issue within the code and without him, my imagination wouldn't have been a reality. Inbox me if you are interested in it. Cheers!

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