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Greetings Traders! I have decided to release a few scripts as open-source as I'm sure others can benefit from them and perhaps make them better.(Be sure to check my Profile for the other scripts as well:
This one is called Trade Manager.

How To Use Trade Manager
Trade Manager acquires potential targets by measuring the Average Change of Price from a user-defined resolution, from Open to Open. By default, the Resolution is set to 1 Day, however you can play around with Weekly, Monthly, etc. When a new resolution period begins, Trade Manager will automatically adjust its Targets based on the new Average Change of Price.

Due to the avoidance of Security() in this script, you may have to play around with the Timeframe that you use it in to ensure that you have enough bars on your chart to process the User-Defined Resolution.

The idea behind Trade Manager is quite simple yet can be quite powerful at the same time. Consider a Daily Candle for example. You can clearly see how a vast amount of price movement can be encapsulated within it, sometimes in both directions. By measuring the Average Change of Price per day(From Open to Open), we can use this Average to build targets off of. Defining a small Threshold above and below the Open Price of the Daily Candle allows you to set Limit Orders at these levels with predefined Targets. Then, the use of the custom Trailing Stop and Break Even helps to secure profits without giving too much back to the market, all while managing your risk.

Within the Settings of Trade Manager, you have the option to alter the logic of whether Break-Even is set after the first Target or second Target is hit.

In addition to using a User-Defined Resolution Period, you can also input a Custom Price into the settings of Trade Manager and allow the Targets, Trailing Stop, and Break Even to be calculated from the Custom Price.

I wanted to give a Special Thanks to @PineCoders for the Custom RoundToTick Function from The Backtesting/Trading Engine --> (

As a note, there are times where price will break out very strongly from the Limit Price, sometimes crossing the Stop and Limit Price on the same bar. When this happens, it is difficult for Pine to determine which occurred first intra-bar, and as a result, it does not record a new position. In these instances, I'd recommend adjusting the Default Stop Multiple so it is below the bar.

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