Stochastic & MACD Strategy Ver 1.0

This strategy is inspired by ChartArt and jasonluk28.
The following input changes from the initial ChartArt version to achieve higher stability and profit:
Fast MA Len:11
Slow MA len: 24
Stoch Len: 20
No difference is found in minor changes (+-10) lv. of overbought/oversold

It works above 40% winning rate in Heng Heng Index, Shanghai Composite , Dow Jones Industrial Averge, S&P 500 NASDAQ, VT (World Total Market) and in 15 mins chart
Profit: above ~10 to 30% in less than 1year backtest for most major indice of China and US and ~62% in Heng Seng Index (Hong Kong) & 40.5% in SZSE Composite (Shen Zhen)

P.S. Profit: 700 (Tencent) +150.5%, 939 ( CCB ) +66.5%, 1299 ( AIA ) +45%, 2628 (CLIC) +41%, 1 (CK Hutchison) +31%
NFLX +82.5%, BABA +55.5%, AMZN +44%, GOOG +38%, MCD +24.5%
However, Loss in FB -19% , AMD -38.5%

Not suitable for stocks with great influences in News or Events ???
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