MA Emperor insiliconot Strategy

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Converted EmperorBTC's EMA crossover indicator for easy backtesting and added ability to:
  • Specify time period for backtesting
  • Specify order quantity
  • Toggle original indicators (default off)

Quoting EmperorBTC:
Entry is to be made when the
1. Cross over gives a P(Positive Sign) and the candle completely closes above the cross-over
2. When the Heikin Ashi turns green and the next green HA candle goes above the previous green HA candle.
3. The price should be at-least above the 0.236 Level from the Swing high.

Kindly note that the strategy only attempts to do check number 1, where it ensures the entry opens above the cross-over.
Updated to Pine Script v4 and implemented more checks before buying/selling:
  • Candle closes above / below the cross
  • Candle closes above 0.236 Fib / below 0.764 Fib from the most recent swing high / swing low
  • Next Heikin Ashi candle is green / red
Updated formula for pivot points
Missed out a line to comment out for alert
  • Simplified backtest range input
  • Alternate background color for signals instead of using floating shapes
  • Remove order quantity input, can be done via TradingView's in-built strategy properties which are much more robust
Left the old floating shapes commented out in case anyone prefers them

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