Textmate Language for Pine Script v5 2023-05

kaigouthro 已更新   
Updated Syntax Colouring to include UDT and methods and libraries, and a few other extras.

Remember to Update when new built in language features are introduced.

This will not be Maintained frequently, it's an update to present times
To use a tmLanguage file in VS-Code or Sublime Text:

1. Download and install the theme or file to the correct location for your respective editor:
- VS Code: `~/.vscode/extensions/.tmLanguage`
- Sublime Text: `~/Packages/.tmLanguage`

2. Activate the theme or tmLanguage file within the editor's settings.

3. For VS Code, you can also use the VS Code command pallete to install a new theme or modify your syntax highlighting preferences.

4. For Sublime Text, you can select the theme or language file from the toolbar in the top-right corner.
Note to self: test more.

If anyone is interested in an ACE editor mode, let me know.
Updated because matching scopes to Pine Editor more closely, and looks good across hundreds of themes in sync with other code languages.
Fixed a few hidden bugs, got rid of any overlaps, went completist on all current built ins.

If you use the "tomorrow night" themes it is nostalgia for the old pine editor.

It also highlights markdown comment code (basics), and with a //``` tag, will highlight your source code or embedded pine script in comments ( good for building markdown ++ hovers for libraries)

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