Volume Candlestick Heatmap Colors [vnhilton]

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This indicator colours candles based on their volume for a set period of time. The highest volume & lowest volume in this period are set by 2 colours, & any candle with volume inside the range will have a colour based on the gradient created by the 2 colours. Ability to hide the candle body, wick, border if preferred (Hide candlestick body, wick, border, through the settings if applicable). Features 20 pre-set themes + ability to set your own custom theme.

Anamnisar; Aubergine; Between The Clouds; Bichrome

Bora Bora; Candy; Cherryblossoms; Dracula

Dance To Forget; Fresh Turboscent; Friday; Frozen

Miaka; Minnesota Vikings; Misty Meadow; Monochrome

Neon Life; Purple Bliss ; Purple Paradise; Sea Blizz

Shore; Sky; Starfall; Superman

Talking To Mice Elf; The Strain; Winter; Vasily
CORRECTION: 28* themes not 20.
- Added new price types: Bar, line (which also includes step line, step line w/ diamonds, histogram, cross, area, area with breaks, columns, circles)

From left to right: bar; candlestick; line

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